DNA Repair Signature - Biomarker identification

LXRepair can run DNA Repair assays using customer sample materials (cells, tumors, biopsies, organs, bacteria) and provide the original data as well as detailed reports summarizing the results.

On demand, LXRepair can provide specific protocols to help customers preparing their extracts from their own sample materials.

As well LXRepair offers customized services from biotesting on In Vitro/In Vivo human or non human models to biomarker identification.


Clinical partnership

Together with our Clinical Research partners who assembled regulatory and clinical trial experts, or with the Clinical Partner of your choice, LXRepair can set up and manage human population studies.


Screening Assay Service

We can set up screening assays on the basis of the LXRepair technologies to help you to identify effective DNA inhibitor hits and leads.


With us reach the next level

LXRepair commitment is to work in close collaboration with you to understand your needs and propose adapted solutions.
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