LXRepair is a life science company that develops multiplex high value tests to characterize cellular DNA Repair Enzymatic Status.

LXRepair develops Companion Diagnostic kits based on DNA Repair Enzyme Signature analysis to help clinicians to optimize radiotherapy or chemotherapy treatments to fight cancer.

LXRepair innovative tests are new powerful tools for academic and industrial researchers investigating DNA repair mechanisms in Drug Development, Cosmetic-Aging Sciences and Environmental and Industrial Toxicology.

DNA Repair mechanisms are involved in drug resistance and are responsible for adverse effects of radiotherapy. They constitute key targets for the development of innovative therapeutic strategies.

Personalized Medicine,
Companion Diagnostic

LXRepair tests identify biomarkers of response to anticancer therapies (chemotherapy, radiotherapy). LXRepair companion diagnostic kits will be based on specific DNA Repair Enzyme Signature analysis to optimize the treatment by helping the clinician in his therapeutic decisions.
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Drug development

LXRepair tests help pharmaceutical companies to better understand and characterize the mechanisms of actions of their drugs (DNA repair inhibitors, cytotoxic drugs, etc) through several models at the discovery and pre-clinical stages in order to avoid late stage failure.
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DNA repair mechanisms protect individuals against various
genotoxic attacks from endogenous sources and from
the environment.


LXRepair tests help cosmetic companies and academic researchers understanding the effect of age and photoexposure, establishing relevant models and developing effective ingredients.
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Environmental and Industrial Toxicology

LXRepair tests address impacts of genotoxics and suspected carcinogens on animal models, individuals, populations and identify biomarkers of exposure and biomarkers of risk.
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