The missing functional
oncology biomarkers
for personalized medicine

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The missing functional
oncology biomarkers
for personalized medicine

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DNA Damage Response and DNA Repair

LXRepair provides a new approach to personalized cancer medicine by developing functional diagnostics based on a unique breakthrough technology:

DNA Repair Enzyme Signature analysis

When genomics fails or is not relevant

The rate of failure of cancer treatment remains unacceptably high, to help overcome this, LXRepair can provide oncologists with powerful tools to really breakthrough in personalized medicine.
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We believe that profiling is key to predicting patients' response to treatment in terms of toxicity and effectiveness.
Our alternative to genomic profiling is functional DNA Repair testing.
For complex enzymatic systems, characterization of enzymatic activity reveals the true pathway functionality. This information is unavailable via mutation or DNA sequence analysis.
20 %
of patients are given medications
that will be ineffective or will
induce drastic side effects.

LXRepair wishes to help
these patients by offering
a new stratification strategy
to provide effective personnalized
treatment for each individual.

Identifying the best possible therapy
for a given patient
and reducing adverse events
contribute to reducing
health costs.

Stratifying patients and characterizing drug effect

In the drug development process, the key to effectiveness is to classify patients to identify relevant biomarkers predicting treatment outcome. LXRepair technology perfectly meets this need.
LXRepair assays can be integrated early during the development of drug candidates by Biopharma. The assays can guide patient selection for admission to clinical trials and are an opportunity for simultaneous
companion diagnostic developments.

They help make the drug development process safer by elucidating and validating the drug's mechanism of action.
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Using the proprietary SPOT-LX™ platform we develop diagnostic and companion diagnostic tests for selected applications. Our initial applications focus on:
  • carcinogen-induced tumors
  • cancers treated by DNA-damaging therapies (radiotherapy, chemotherapy)
  • tumors displaying defects in DNA Repair and in the DNA Damage Response
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The versatile SPOT-LX™ platform can be used to discover biomarkers in preclinical and clinical settings.
Several versions of the assays can be proposed depending on the study design and its objectives.
The assays can also be adapted to control the drug's expected mechanism of action in line with the company's drug development strategy (monotherapy, combination).
LXRepair's investor: Kreaxi
LXRepair's investor: Super Nova Invest
LXRepair's investor: Grenoble Angels
LXRepair's investor: Gentiane participations
LXRepair's investor: Savoie Mont-Blanc Angels

Thousands of companies develop genome analysis tools, LXRepair is the only one developing functional comprehensive DNA Repair and DDR assays.

Unleash the potential of your molecules by taking an innovative approach. Be part of the DNA Repair’s revolution.

Make the difference with LXRepair.

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