The RADIO CARE joint Lab: a Gustave Roussy and LXRepair's partnership for personalized radiotherapy of cancer

Gustave Roussy and LXRepair announce a partnership for personalized radiotherapy of cancer : the RADIO CARE joint Lab

2021 October 21st

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PARIS and GRENOBLE, FRANCE – October 21st, 2021 – LXRepair, a pioneer in personalized radiotherapy with functional assays measuring DNA repair to predict treatment response, with a clinical proof-of-concept of radiotoxicity prediction in breast and prostate cancer, and Gustave Roussy, Europe's leading cancer center, announced today the launch of a joint laboratory to improve the personalization of radiotherapy. Read more…

Stéphane Altaba is appointed CEO of the start-up company LXRepair

Stéphane Altaba is appointed CEO of the start-up company LXRepair 2021 January

Stéphane Altaba, with extensive experience in biotechnology companies, becomes CEO of LXRepair.
He will lead the commercial launch of Safer Rad-LX®, the first predictive test on toxicity of radiotherapy treatments, and he is expected to raise Series A financing, scheduled for 2021.

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New agreement between LXRepair and Innopsys for the development of RAD-LX™

New agreement between LXRepair and Innopsys 2018 June

Innopsys and LXRepair entered an agreement in the context of  the development of LXRepair diagnostic test RAD-LX™. RAD-LX™ is intended to predict radiotherapy adverse effects in patients receiving radiotherapy. LXRepair clinical proof of concept study is conducted on 300 patients in collaboration with Pr N. Magné from Institut de Cancérologie Lucien Neuwirth and is almost completed.
LXRepair will use InnoScan scanner.
This project is supported by a Bpifrance innovation program.

LXRepair filled a patent application for a melanoma stratification method

New agreement between LXRepair and Innopsys 2018 June

LXRepair filed a patent application based on the analysis of melanoma samples using its SPOT-LX™ platform to generate DNA Repair profiles from tumors. The patent application outlines a method for stratifying patients, identifying DNA Repair defects and choose the best therapeutic option notably between targeted therapy and immunotherapy. LXRepair will continue its clinical research on melanoma to eventually develop a diagnostic test MELX™.

LXRepair hires its Diagnostic and QMS Manager

LXRepair hires its Diagnostic and QMS Manager2018 February

LXRepair, a leading DNA Damage Response (DDR) company developing innovative stratification tools for cancer, announces the successful recruitment of an expert in Diagnostic Development and Quality Manager, Dr Thierry Maillet who earned a PhD in Molecular Biochemistry and Biophysics from the University of Orléans. Thierry is in charge of the RAD-LX development and certifications.

Thierry has over 25 years of experience in the in vitro diagnostic industry. In particular he worked for 18 years at Stago as Development and Manufacturing manager. Thierry joins LXRepair from the French regulatory authority for health products safety, where he held the position of Certified Inspector during 5 years.

LXREPAIR secures €1.1 million from seed funds for the development of its diagnostic kits in radiotherapy and chemotherapy

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2017 September

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LXREPAIR, a French company specialized in the development of disruptive technologies for DNA repair characterization, announces it has raised €1.1M from KREAXI, CEA-Investment, XPAND INVESTMENT Ltd of the KIS Group, Grenoble Angels, Savoie Mont-Blanc Angels, Gentiane Participation and individual investors.

The funds will be used to complete LXRepair clinical proof of concepts in oncology, to obtain the CE marking of the kits and for international business development.

LXRepair and Bertin Pharma sign up an agreement for manufacturing and distributing a kit to quantify DNA Repair enzymes activities

Glyco-SPOT DNA Repair Assay kit

2015 December

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Glyco-SPOT DNA Repair Assay kit : a ready-to-use kit to quantify enzymatic activities responsible for DNA Repair

Thousands of companies develop genome analysis tools, LXRepair is the only one developing functional comprehensive DNA Repair and DDR assays.

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