Environmental and Industrial Toxicology

Biomarkers of carcinogenic exposure

DNA Repair mechanisms protect the genome from the carcinogenic effects of genotoxic attacks. Chemicals, ultra-violet radiations, ionizing radiations present in the environment or due to industrial/occupational accidents represent an exposure risk for civil populations and workers.

LXRepair aims at identifying specific biomarkers of carcinogen exposure for a better protection of individuals and populations.

LXRepair kits can characterize early and late effect of exposure in different models.

Individual susceptibility to cancer risk

DNA Repair mechanisms and DNA Repair signaling pathways might be modulated by genetic factors, individual’s carcinogenic exposure history, age and life-style.

Consequently susceptibility to environmental and occupational carcinogenic risk is an individual matter.

LXRepair addresses individual susceptibility in potentially exposed populations through identification of atypical DNA Repair Enzymatic Profiles that reveal altered DNA Repair protection.

Compounds affecting DNA Repair capacities

Using its technologies LXRepair can screen DNA Repair inhibitory properties of chemical substances to prevent potential hazard (functional consequences of in vitro or in vivo interaction with repair proteins).


LXRepair is glad to adapt its technologies to your sample material as for example: blood cells, animal models, cell culture.
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