LXRepair develops the SPOT-LX product line.

Glyco-SPOT kit

That kit enables the characterization of Base Excision Repair enzymes using cell or tissue extracts on a biochip.
It is a multiplexed fluorescent Oligonucleotide Cleavage Assay which quantifies simultaneously eight Glycosylases and AP endonuclease activities (see DNA Repair).

The target lesions are 8oxoguanine paired with A, A paired with 8oxoguanine, ethenoadenine, thymine glycol, uracil (paired either with G or A), hypoxanthine, abasic site.

Glyco-SPOT assay principle

Glyco-Spot assay principle

The Glyco-SPOT kit, the first SPOT-LX product, is industrialized, produced and commercialized by Bertin Pharma, a major player in the biological reagents and assay kits market for R&D.

SPOT-LX close box

Glyco-SPOT analysis is also available as Service.

ExSy-SPOT kit

That kit enables the quantification of Excision/Synthesis Repair activities from cell or tissue extracts on a biochip.
It is a multiplexed fluorescent assay involving a set of lesions bearing plasmids (see DNA Repair).

The target lesions are photoproducts, 8oxoguanine, alkylated bases, thymine and cytosine glycols, abasic sites, cisplatin adducts, psoralen adducts.

ExSy-SPOT assay principle

ExSy-Spot assay principle

ExSy-SPOT analysis is available as Service.

The ExSy-SPOT kit will be available in 2016.

Extracts preparation

Extract preparation is a critical parameter for the success of your DNA repair experiments.

LXRepair can supply protocols adapted to different biological materials to prepare high quality extracts from primary cells, cell lines, lymphocytes, tissues, etc.

Data analysis

Normalization software and pre-formed Excel data sheets are available on demand to help you treating the data obtained with the LXRepair kits.

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