Personalized Medicine, Companion Diagnostic

Part of its companion diagnostic development strategy, LXRepair makes its technologies available for partnership in the discovery of biomarkers at research and pre-clinical stages and in the development of companion In Vitro Diagnostic test.

More effective drugs
for the right patients

LXRepair tests allow the stratification of patients based on their DNA Repair Enzyme Signature and the identification of specific profiles associated with anticancer therapies sensitivity and resistance.
LXRepair helps to improve effectiveness of existing standards of care like cytotoxic drugs by the right identification of responding patients.

Safer radiation therapy

About 5-10% of cancer patients treated by radiation therapy develop hypersensitivity reactions leading to treatment arrest.
Genetic predispositions affecting DNA Repair or DNA Repair signaling pathways play an important role in this hypersensitivity.
The objective of LXRepair is to identify predictive biomarkers based on the DNA Repair Enzyme Signature of isolated lymphocytes taken early during the course of the radiation therapy regimen to avoid such dramatic adverse effects.

Current active LXRepair
companion diagnostic projects:

  • Drug responding and drug resistant patients based on the invaded lymph node DNA Repair Enzyme Signature in recurrent melanoma.
  • Radiation-sensitive individuals for personalized radiation therapy.

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